Failure to omoplata

I was sparring with one of our competitor blue belts the other day. In the middle of the sparring we ended up in a sort of an open guard with me holding on to his knee with one foot on his hip and the other on his shoulder. I clearly had an idea of what to do, but then a black out. This followed:

Me: What the hell am I doing?

He: I don’t know.

Me: What the hell is this position?

He: I have no idea.

Then we just kinda hung in that position for a while until I pulled guard.

After the sparring I realised I was going for an omoplata sweep. Turns out I had forgotten to grab his arm, which he had taken out from between my legs. A serious failure to omoplata.

The kicker is – He didn’t pass my guard, even though all he had to was push my legs aside!

Turns out we both failed so hard.


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