Moving gracefully in front of people

A few years ago I participated in an omoplata seminar. The seminar was excellent with a lot of good ideas for the omoplata and I god through them with only the usual my-brain-is-trying-to-triangle-choke-my-legs-and-arms confusion which usually follows the learning of new techniques. So, no major cockups there.

The fail cake at the end of the seminar.

At the end of the seminar Jesse, the teacher, asked if anyone knew any other way of doing the omoplata. Jump up me.

Of course I had to show the flying omoplata, which I had tried to do like five times before. Needless to say it did not go smoothly.

As I did the flying omoplata I moved as nimbly as a cow in belly deep mud.

Turns out five times isn’t enough to make you actually learn a technique like the flying omoplata.

Here’s a video of the seminar by steelduck. You can totally see my performance at the end half of the video (around the 34:30 marker)…


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