Pass my open guard, go on pass it

We had an open guard drilling class at the end of which we did 30 second sparring rounds. The objectives were simple; the guy on the top needed to pass or submit, the guy on the bottom needed to sweep or submit. The two or three of the first rounds went ok. But then.

I partnered with one of our newer blue belts. I was playing on the bottom. I was thinking that I’ll first go Gandalf on him…

..And that I’m soooo going to sweep him. So the round starts and I go for grips. Grab the pants, the lapel, maybe an arm. Move your hip, sweep, bring him down.

But none of that really materialized. He just stepped forward and he had my side.

Turns out I really didn’t have any real grips. Maybe one should concentrate more on what is happening than what you think is going to happen. Well, at least I succeeded in giving him the easiest pass of the season.

This pretty much sums my fail up:


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