Battle of the grips

You know how sometimes you have such a good sparring round that you notice telling about it to everyone? Not in the way that oh-I-am-so-great, but because there was so much good stuff from both of you going on. I had one such round a while back.

I partnered with one of our tightest playing guys. With him we always end up doing the same moves to each other, but this time was different. The starting position was the closed guard. What followed was an epic 6 minute grip battle.

I usually hate playing tight and fighting hard for positions, opting to go for a more moving sparring. But this time when the sparring started with him going for his favorite opening and guard pass I though I i’m going to give him a fight for it. So we began to go for grips. And continue with that. For the whole six minutes.  If we had been in competition our sparring would have looked really boring. But it was full of small action.

Even though we stayed in the same position we did a lot of good fighting. There were a chunk load of attacks, defenses and counter moves. We both worked to gain the upper hand and several times it could have gone to either one. But always at the final moment the counters and defenses came.

The reason I remember this sparring so well is the active nature of our battle. Yes, we had the same position, but neither of us stalled once. It was an all out attacking game!


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