Mass against mass

I was sparring with one of our bigger guys the other day. I went for a sweep from the closed guard, which ended in a short of a situation where he could use his mass to prevent me from sweeping and I was using my mass to finish the sweep. It was a real clash of the titans. It all unfolded in slow motion to us. We were gods of war struggling to gain the upper hand.

In reality it probably looked more like it really was; two large guys just pushing each other.

But in the end I was victorious and I got the mount.

And a freaking hip cramp to go with it.

Turns out I had either forgotten to drink enough fluids, take enough salt and definitely I had forgotten to take magnesium in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Mass against mass

  1. I believe I’m the bigger guy in question here and I don’t agree you using the word “victorious”. I remember the situation, and after asking and making sure you’re not injured, my immediate reaction was to yell “Yay! I made a purple belt tap out!” to my friend. To a white belt every “victory” over the higher ranks counts and stubborn resistance is a valid technique.

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