Is it a way of life?

There’s a lot of talk about BJJ being a way of life. It’s even featured on the Drinking with Rener video. I think most of the time it’s a mantra that people who have just found the excitement of doing a lot of BJJ recite or then it’s a sales pitch to give your audience to make the thing your selling seem more prestigious. So yeah, I wouldn’t call myself a “true believer”.

BJJ is a way of life. For a long time I considered this to mean that your life basically revolves around BJJ. You basically live in the gym and everything you do supports your BJJ. You live only for BJJ and nothing else. It is also something I personally will never be able to do.

But I started thinking about things a while back and I began to ask myself questions.

  • Do you accept your failures and try to learn from them?
  • Do you always try to do things better?
  • Do you try to help others be better?
  • Do you help others when they fail?
  • Do you get up after you get knocked down?
  • Do you believe everyone is equal?

So is BJJ a way of life?


One thought on “Is it a way of life?

  1. I don’t know about way of life, but I suppose it can become “more than a hobby” quite easily. Judged by my youtube video recommendations, BJJ has taken over my habit of kitten videos.
    Also the other day I got perfect example of “thinking in BJJ” in my everyday life: I was sitting on the dinner table and there was another chair between me and the TV, so I couldn’t see it properly. Instead of just grabbing and moving it to side, reached in with my feet, hooked one leg and used my other foot to push it’s… ehhmmm… hips… After a few seconds, I (proudly) realised I have successfully swept a wooden chair.

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