Follow up on yesterday

So, I posted yesterdays blog post on Facebook and Kristian (the writer of Brasilian Jiujiutsu Päiväkirja) took the challenge and dug up a picture of me doing BJJ:

And the picture is five years old.

Anyway, here’s how our latest purple belt looked like after the gauntlet and sparring:


A well deserved belt.


4 thoughts on “Follow up on yesterday

    1. People are kinda divided on the subject of the gauntlet. Some don’t like it at all. For me it has come with the lineage and is a part of the graduation. I know I’m going to have such a hard time once it’s time to try for the brown belt…

      1. It’s not something that my teachers observe, but if it’s part of your lineage, then fair enough. I just know it’s not something I don’t want to ever experience. Haha.

        Also, yes. Your brown belt is going to sting, going by the swings you’ve delivered in those previous pictures.

      2. Kristian (who dug up that picture above) gave me new nickname on Facebook: Chief Whipping Bull…

        I may have to tell people in advance when I’m taking the test just to be fair to them. 🙂

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