The lazy man style

You know those days when you go the gym and you feel really good about it, but then when you’re doing technique you realize you’re actually being really lazy with it. So you’re kinda half assing it all through the class. You know, doing the lazy man style.

I felt like that the other day.

Wasn’t doing good technique but I was still having fun.

Then came the sparring. Now I’ve been concentrating on learning to get the back from different places lately and that was what I was going to do. My partner took half guard and I immediately started to work my way to his back. Get the grips, position yourself high enough.

Expect I was in the lazy man style mode.

So I didn’t pay much attention to how my body was. Particularly my left leg. Which I turned to the wrong direction. And rolled over my big toe. Which kinda hurt.


3 thoughts on “The lazy man style

    1. Most of the days I’m just being an ass in the gym. 🙂 Doing stuff just to mess with the guys. Trying to give them that WTF moment…

      But yeah some days, you’re really active in destroying yourself. You’re feeling really energetic and bam you do the destruction really effectively. 😀

  1. I thought this was gonna be like me: you know those days when you feel like you’re RIGHT ON and you’ve got the techniques right and you’re KICKIN ASS? And then (a) your instructor points out how very far you are from correct or (b) your partner breaks away like you’re a frickin marshmallow and turns to grin at you with an “omg, you actually thought that’d work?” look on their face. That’s priceless.

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