Triangle me this

We had a class where we prepared some of our guys for competition. We started doing stand up and then moved to drilling on the ground. There we’re three guys sparring all the time; two of them preparing for competition and one who just received his purple belt. I don’t remember what position we started this particular sparring (we went through quite a few position during the class).

But we ended with me having the closed guard. As is my trademark I began to go for the armbar. One hand in the collar, get his hip into control. Now the armbar is something I do quite frequently. So frequently in fact that the guys have actually started to learn how to defend it. Which happened this time.

So I went for the next option, the triangle choke. Leg up, isolate his head, squeeze together.

Except I did to the side where my leg always cramps.

Which it did.

Needless to say, no submission this time.


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