Ain’t that a kick in the head

Sometimes you just can’t help but give people a freaky kind of a picture of yourself (no I’m not referring to this). This happened a while back. I was sparring with one our other teachers and we played the open guard. Now, his legs are near impossible to pass and I was between them. I started improve my position, giving pressure to his legs posturing up a bit. Well, as I was doing that he started to invert himself. And wouldn’t you know it my head and his leg met.

It turned out to be a perfectly timed jiu-jitsu kick. I got myself an icepack and held that to my head.

As I was doing that, sitting on the side of the mat with an icepack to my head, the people coming to the beginners class after our training started to mass. I could see a lot of new faces there (this was at the start of the season) and they we’re looking at me (one of two purple belts present at the training) hold the icepack with a little disbelief. You know, the kind of is this shit safe way.

So our class ended and the teacher asked me if I was still training.

Hell yeah.

Yeah, I think some of them think of me as a little crazy.


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