Shared stuff

I was still out of training last week, so here’s some shared stuff from one our students globetrotting around the orient.

The Zero-G gi jacket is the only long sleeved piece of clothing I have with me. So one day I was travelling on a really well air conditioned night train (meaning it was freezing) so I put it on. Then in the morning the conductor comes and kicks me up and out of the train and I’m left in the middle of Bangkok train station still in a morning coma. When I wake I’m wondering why are people staring at me.

Well, It might have something to do with karate pyjama thing.

And then this I count as a success.

One day I rented a Kawasaki Ninja bike and started to drive through the mountains. Well, getting chilly again I put on the gi jacket and drove rest of the ninja style.


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