The ever changing gym

Kiko, the place where I train and teach is my second gym.

The first one was my brother’s small gym where I started BJJ. That gym stopped being a few years back and I moved to Kiko. This week our people got the news, which us teachers already knew; that Kiko had been sold to Hipko.

So moving on to a a third gym. Which really doesn’t bother me since I’ve been involved with Hipko BJJ for all of my BJJ career (which is like 6 years or so). Hopefully our guy and gals get to meet the Hipko people soon, so they know what kind of people we are joining.

Has anyone else changed gyms?


3 thoughts on “The ever changing gym

  1. Then Hipko will be my 4th gym. Ironic, as hoping around is something I don’t quite appreciate (double-irony, as I moved to Finland by my own will).

    My first move was a move similar to this one: trained by a different name, but the people were almost the same. At least the ones I have a friendship relation.

    And I think that’s the main point: it’s the people who make the gym. So if Kiko changed ownership every month and the name to “BJJ Ponyland Suomi – Masters of the Rainbow Warriors”, for me, it’ll be the same old one. I’d still call it a second home with my second family.

    Hopefully Jukka will still come visit us 🙂

    1. It’s actually the because of the people that this is in any way possible. For me Kiko and Hipko have always been linked together. We’ve been in the same family even before this change.

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