The hangover

Oh my yes. The motherload of all fails.

This happened way back during the times of our first gym. We’d had a guys night the previous evening, which included at tequila and vodka. Quite a bit of tequila and vodka. There were a bunch of us from the same gym enjoying these beverages. At the end of the night everyone was like see you in the gym tomorrow.

Yes. You know where this is going.

Our practices began at 11 am. Which is way too early after you drank tequila. Way, way too early. Seriously.

Anyway, we made our way to the gym. Naturally the training was completely sparring. Which was not a good thing considering we had been drunk only a few hours earlier.

And just as naturally we kinda died.

One of us made through half way of the class and then he had to sit himself against the wall. He was panting, sweating and all together looking like he might explode at any moment. To his credit, he did not hurl until after class.

I wasn’t much better though.

For anyone who’s ever tried to do any exercise while hungover this is just standard stuff. The kicker is:

We’ve actually done this a couple of times.

Us dumbasses. We didn’t learn from the first time.


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