Facing the limits of the gym

This is not as serious as the title suggests. 🙂

We’re doing back mount the other day. We started out practicing the seat belt grip with one guy holding the grip and just the grip while the other moves around on the ground. From there we moved on to techniques where we take the back. We drilled this before we started sparring.

I was drilling it with one our purple belts. I took the the grip and we started to do the sequence. We fell to our side as the sequence needed.

And I frigging banged my head right against the wall of the gym.

Seriously, I saw the damn thing coming at me, I knew it was going to hit but what the heck am I going to do when I’m in free fall.

Yeah, never do things that close to the wall.


2 thoughts on “Facing the limits of the gym

  1. Haha – I’ve had that happen. Bet it felt AWESOME. Did you see stars?

    Even worse when its JUDO. 🙂

    Though I do like to cheat… get up near the wall so I can push off it some to get some strength and leverage to move my partner…

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