Classic Fighting Styles 6

Next week begins the regular training season so I’ll wrap this series up with one of the most classic fighting styles. The Mullet Man himself:

If you don’t know who this is then shame on you.

It is none other than Angus MacGyver. The man famous for this:

He is a pacifist with a huge dislike on guns and fighting. Even tough he ends up doing the latter quite a bit.

So the stylistics. To fight like MacGyver you always need to follow through with your punches:

For some reason that was even better in german…

Sometimes he even ended up fighting with wildlife:

Geez he keeps taking hits like John McClane, but he will not hit a woman:

No. Instead he will let them jump out of the window. Always a gentleman, letting the ladies go first.

And for the finale, his most famous,  the double handed jumping  tornado punch:


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