If you first don’t succeed.

We were doing cross pass defences in class the other day, so it was natural that the sparring was based on that. The only pass the guy on the top was allowed to do was the cross pass.

There’s this technique I really like, where you hug your partner when he’s doing the cross pass and as they complete the pass you bridge up, turn from one shoulder to the other and roll him over you. You get the side mount.

This was what I decided to do on that particular day. So the sparring starts, I partner with another purple belt. He goes for the pass, I go for the hug, then the bridge…

And I do such a bad bridge that I just slide along the floor.

And my partner gets his pass. The thing is,

This same thing did not happen once.

Nor twice.

Nor even three.

But FOUR frigging times.

I’d call that Teletubbie style Jiu-Jitsu. Again!


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