To getting better

Now as the new season is starting go really go, I think it might be time to write about the helpful little things that I do to help me get better at BJJ.

#1. Have fun.

For me this has always been one the biggest things what ever you’re doing. If I take something too seriously I usually try too hard and I gain nothing. Sparring is a good example. You need to try new things in sparring or you won’t learn them. But if you’re just trying not to lose then you’re not having much fun. For me the sparrings that I get the most out of are the one’s where I’m actually laughing and talking with my partner. I may (and frequently do) make mistakes but as long as I’m not too serious about it then I’m learning.

#2. Make mistakes.

Yeah, making mistakes is probably one of the best ways to learn. If you just always do the techniques you know will work, then you never broaden your game and you never learn new things.

#3. Keep a journal.

When I started doing BJJ I used to write every technique I learned up in a journal. I tried to write all the steps the technique had. But I didn’t do it right after the training. I did it right before going to sleep so I would have to rattle my brain into remembering what the technique was really about.

#4. Ask questions.

Every time you ask something you get extra bits of information. So why not ask? Some people don’t ask questions because they don’t want to look foolish in a room full of pyjama clad men (and women) who roll on a padded floor…

#5. Stay and talk with the others.

Seriously. I understand that you can’t always stay at the gym because you have a life (please tell us what that’s like), but I’ve gotten some of the best tips and bits of knowledge after classes while talking with others. I’ve found it really useful to hear and see how people work around their “disablities” (for example I’m not very strecthy and my both thumbs have rolled over more than once).

Also staying and chatting helps you get more into the group and help others to relax and have fun with you.


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