Tap out

Oh my.

Oh. My.

I teach a class on Thursdays and last Thursday something happened that has never happened in my class before. I’ve only seen videos of this kind of a thing happening but never have I been involved.

I started the class teaching osotogari and from there we went to the ground. We had one leg on the guys stomach and the other behind his back. From here we worked chokes.

The second choke was the bow and arrow. I started to show the technique and I explained the different steps as every teacher always does. The problem was, as I learned later, that my grip on my partner’s lapel was tighter than I though. And I accidentally choked him out.

While explaining the technique.

Nothing worse happened and I think the nut shot he took later in sparring (not from me!) as worse than this episode, but still it freaked me out a little.


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