A pre-emptive fall

Seminar week started today. Right off the bat we worked Berimbolo. You may have noticed I’m not such a fan of it (due to it always going wrong when I’m trying to do it). I suspect my master chose the Berimbolo because of this… Well probably not really, but you never know.

We got to the sparring. It was an open guard drill with the bottom guy trying to sweep or submit and the top guy trying to pass. I was playing on top. I was sparring with the same good friend I’ve mentioned before.

He went for grips and got them (Monday is always a slow day…). I started to sort of side step him, he began to go for the De La Riva.

So I pre-emptively sat down on my ass.

Well, more fall than sit.

At least he didn’t expect that to happen.


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