Sounds alot like…

Ever really paid attention to what you hear at the gym? I’m not talking about the normal banter of your everyday class. I’m talking about the other crazy stuff you might hear. Here’s a couple things heard in our gyms…

The first one I was involved with. Now I’ll have to set this up a little, so it doesn’t sound sooooo bad. It was class where we learned a combination of half guard passes that require you to change you position quite a bit. And on top of that I did most of my sparring with guys who I’ve been training for quite a while so there’s naturally an element of humor in everything. So that’s the set up… Now I managed to successfully do the whole sequence in sparring but the guys from the side line commented that it sounded kinda rapey (the exact Finnish version was “Kuulosti vahvasti väkisinmakaamiselta”)…

The second one also involves me (hey, what can I say, I’m not very quiet in the gym…). This is a frequent comment from me when ever I do something really agile and limber (not).

Like a gazelle!

Sorry for the bad humor.

The third one involves our Portuguese Man-o-war and our black belt teacher. During their sparring last time our teacher kept doing zombie noises through out the whole sparring…

So what does your gym sound like?


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