Why parents should know Brazilian JiuJitsu

Been a while since I last wrote anything here. Been super busy all autumn, but decided to write something for xmas. These are things I’ve learned lately in dealing with my almost 9 month old daughter. Sometimes a parent can benefit from BJJ…

It teaches you patience

You can’t leap forward with anything, you will get frustrated a lot and you just have to churn the same thing over and over again.

You sometimes have to do things you don’t really like

Whether it’s tapping to the same same damn submission for the 100th time or washing poo away from a kids behind you just have do things you might not really like.

It teaches you how to handle people who are trying to squirm their way out of your grips

Yeah, kids squirm when you try to clean them or make them sleep. Or feed them. Or change their clothes. Once they get moving you can’t hold them in place.

The closed guard is a super fun way to play with a little kid

Put a kid in you closed guard and swoop away around the floor. At least my kid laughs at this fun. Also open guard passing is a fun tickling game.

Repetition is crucial

Changed the diaper two hours ago? Well, repeat that. Oh, done it already four times? Well, do it again. Always do every game twice, at least.

The body triangle is an essential tool when dressing a kid

Nothing holds a kid in place better than a body triangle when you’re trying to put on clothes and the kid doesn’t want to participate in that thing.

Merry Xmas everyone!


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