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The correct way to knock your wind out

We had morning BJJ today. Just sparring 3 minute rounds, which for me currently is really fun, since I’ve been feeling that I’m getting too much technique and not enough sparring lately.

In my second to last round my partner went for my legs from stand up, pulling an open guard. I went down with him thinking I’ll stack his legs and pass them. Well… I went down. I got his legs.

But slammed straight on his knee with my solar plexus, knocking the wind out of me.

Next time I’ll try to stack the legs out of the way as well.


Breathe man, breathe.

And just when I wrote about being too tired to write about what happens at the gym I have probably one of the best trainings in the last year. 😀

There we only three people in our submission wrestling class; me, my long time friend and a returnee white belt. So we ditched the technique part and just sparred the whole class through. It was just awesome. There was no excessive use of force and everyone was just rolling and trying out new things.

My fails yesterday came in the form of a reminder why you should do nogi / submission wrestling. When you do just BJJ you get too comfortable with using the gi as help to your technique. Then you’re just lost when you don’t have those. It took me a few rounds to remember how to do my techniques without gripping cloth…

Keep your shin up

We were doing stand up sparring in my class the other day. I always have some stand up sparring in my class.

The game was just for the takedown. I was sparring with one of our MMA enthusiasts who is a lot smaller than me, so I was trying to do with just the technique. I got him to lean forward and threw my weight under him to get a throw on him.

And smacked my shin real nicely on his shin.

Needless to say I did not get the takedown.


I took part in our submission wrestling class. I usually don’t go there due to my time schedules, but this time I missed my regular class so I wanted to catch up.

We started the sparring standing up. Now doing stand is usually one of my strong points, but this time I kept missing my takedowns. The reason for this: everyone was really slippery with out gis. So I was going for my throws and slapping my ass on the mat all night because my grips slipped.

Going for armbars? Slipping grips.

Doing basically anything? Slip and slide, baby.


Drawing a blank

Speaking of forgetting things, the situation I described in the previous post isn’t the first time my mind has blacked out. Probably the biggest such incident happened during my purple belt exam.

I was asked do a sequence of open guard passes (a pass which the guy defends then a counter pass). I stood there staring down at my friend.

And nothing what so frigging ever came to my mind.

The only thing popping in my head was that I can’t pass my friends legs. I don’t know how. I’ve never passed any ones open guard (which of course I had done). I just stood there for a while and then had to admit that I’m drawing a blank.

Yeah, guess my memory isn’t that good at times…

Aaaand, it’s gone.

We did side mount escapes yesterday. This is a position that has proven difficult for me to escape in the past and it was really nice to get a reminder of things one can do. Most of the things we did were old and familiar techniques with a few new details in there. Finally it came time to for the drilling.

I get one of the our new purple belts as my partner. The sparring started.

And like that every one of those escapes vanish from my mind.